DOQEX: exchanging e-mails and files securely

DOQEX Email secures all your email traffic in a simple and powerful way.

The patented DOQEX process allows users to send emails and attachments securely without any extra effort. Your users do not need to make any adjustments or additional actions and can continue working in the familiar way.

Because DOQEX Email works without plug-ins (should you want them they are available for the full Microsoft Office suite) you have complete control over your secure correspondence, on any infrastructure from Outlook through Office365 to an on-premises Exchange server.

DOQEX Email works even smarter when you use it in conjunction with DOQEX File. This partnership provides a powerful range of configuration options, including the ability to recall or strip attachments as well as captive email portals and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) content filtering.


DOQEX E-mail en File

DOQEX E-mail en File

  • User based
  • FILE: Veilig bestanden versturen en ontvangen via uw persoonlijke omgeving
  • EMAIL: Veilig e-mails versturen en ontvangen via uw eigen client

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