ADVA: Optical Networking

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ADVA (voormalig MRV Communications) is een wereldwijde leverancier van optische netwerkapparatuur (WDM), Carrier Ethernet access en aggregatie apparatuur. ADVA levert producten voor service providers en carriers. Zij combineert innovatieve hardware met intelligente software om zo slimme en efficiënte netwerken te bouwen. Deze oplossingen zijn vooral bedoeld voor mission-critical omgevingen met data transport over grotere afstanden of cloud- en datacenter connectiviteit bij service providers.

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FSP 3000 AgileConnect™

The FSP 3000 AgileConnect™ is a scalable optical transport solution designed to respond to today's booming bandwidth demands while minimizing costs. Whether you're a service provider or an enterprise, the modular design of our FSP 3000 AgileConnect™ ensures your networks are built on a flexible WDM foundation. The FSP 3000 AgileConnect™ provides multi-layer provisioning for seamless end-to-end connectivity from the access to the metro and on to long haul.

FSP 3000 AgileConnect

FSP 3000 AgileConnect

  • DWDM: 40, 80, 96 and 128 channels for 25.6Tbit/s fiber capacity
  • CWDM: 16 channels
  • Hybrid CWDM/DWDM: 12 channels CWDM + 40 channels DWDM
  • Wide variety of filters and ROADM options for fixed and flexible optical layers
  • Continuous support from 8Mbit/s to 112Gbit/s
FSP 3000 CloudConnect™

The scalable optical transport solution is an open, highly versatile and cost-effective solution for optical transport in data center interconnect (DCI) and carrier infrastructure applications. Its modular WDM architecture offers best-in-class metrics and is designed to maximize security, efficiency and service flexibility. The unique optical layer design supports multi-degree colorless, directionless and contentionless flexgrid ROADM technology for wavelength speeds up to 200Gbit/s and beyond . Its open design supports network disaggregation and, combined with the FSP Network
Hypervisor, makes it ideal for scalable SDN-controlled resource coordination across multiple network layers, even in complex meshed-network topologies.

FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ platform

FSP 3000 CloudConnect™ platform

  • 1RU/4RU/12RU chassis variants
  • All system modules including controllers and PSUs are externally accessible and field replaceable
  • Up to 600Gbit/s per wavelength
  • Up to 3.6Tbit/s duplex capacity per 1RU
  • Up to 38.4Tbit/s per fiber pair
FSP 3000 SmartAmp™

FSP 3000 SmartAmp™

  • SmartAmpC-Band high-power pre- amplifier with integrated intelligent dispersion compensation
  • 2-slot module
  • Flexible PAM4 interface type support
  • +24.5dBm EDFA output
  • Multiple PAM4 and coherent filters
FSP 3000 TeraFlex™

FSP 3000 TeraFlex™

  • 1RU chassis; 600mm rack and closed cabinet installation
  • Hot-swappable and field replaceable modules
  • 3 slots for line cards; 1.2Tbit/s network capacity per card
  • Up to 600Gbit/s per wavelength
FSP 3000 AccessConnect™

As more enterprises migrate to cloud-based applications and with 5G rollout coming closer, fiber-based access networks face an enormous challenge. To handle this unprecedented bandwidth demand and growth in the number of locations needing to be served by fiber services, operators and enterprises require flexible, scalable solutions that are faster, more cost-effective and easier to manage. They need fiber access technology that efficiently supports a wide variety of services to address all optical transport requirements.

Carrier Ethernet edge
FSP 150CC-GE110 Series

FSP 150CC-GE110 Series

  • Two 10/100/1000BaseT or 100/1000BaseX (SFP) ports
  • One network port can be defined as an additional access port
  • IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation – active/standby mode with optional load balancing
  • ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet ring protection switching

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