PSP Security: Facial Recognition System

PSP Security is a leading developer in biometrics and user authentication solutions. Found in 2007, by combining the competitive biometric algorithms and engineering expertise in security system development, PSP Security provides cost-effective products and solutions to governments, law enforcement, and businesses worldwide to enhance security, reduce identity theft and secure assets and intellectual properties.

Their technology and product offerings include real facial detection & recognition, iris recognition, facial classification, for access control, time & attendance, and general user authentication applications.

Customer satisfaction is their highest priority. They are committed to provide their customer the most competitive and reliable products and utmost customer support and services.

AccuFACE Facial Recognition System


  • HD cameras at both visible & infrared spectrums. Authenticate user in 1 sec with 99.99% accuracy.
  • RealFX™ technology to reject hacking with photo,video image, and even realistic facial mask.
  • Store up to 100,000 users and 50,000+ log images.Perfect for large scale deployment.
  • Encrypted and firewall protected API,transfer user & system data in lighting speed.
  • AccuFACE EFR-T3 Now Works with Paxton

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