iCetana – ‘See Things Differently’

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- Founded in 2008 – an innovator in computer vision
- Software used in 12 countries
- 3 patents granted or pending, another 3 in development
- Team based in Australia and United States
- Key technology partners include Nvidia, Milestone and HPE
- 70 global sales partners

Product overview

iCetana is an AI-assisted video surveillance solution designed to automatically identify anomalous actions in real-time. This cutting edge, non-rules based technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help supplement and empower security operators.  iCetana learns and filters out routine motion, showing only anomalous or unusual behaviour. This eliminates cognitive overload, letting operators respond in real-time to precursor activities and real-time incidents, or allowing highly efficient review of archived footage. iCetana leverages your existing surveillance infrastructure, people and assets and help them achieve  meaningful results.

Key Differentiators

- Identifies precursor events, allowing for timely intervention before situations escalate.
- Scales to suit size of video surveillance operation
- Detects abnormal precursor events and a wide range of incidents in real-time
- Able to work with a wide range of cameras and servers
- Learns and adapts automatically using patented technology – no rules to setup or maintain
- Includes LiveWall™ – shows only events that need further investigation (1% of total video), reducing operator fatigue and missed events
- Rapidly review historical video – 24 hours in 30 minutes
- Reporting system allows tagging of anomalies and easy extraction of reports
- Supports a wide range of fixed view cameras
- Easy integration with existing Milestone, Genetec or other video management systems
- Minimises server costs – supports up to 300 cameras per 1 RU server (density depends on camera resolution and frame rate)




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