XPR: Access Control

For more than 30 years, XPR has supplied millions of secure access control and locking systems worldwide. XPR provides integrated solutions to the most common "access" problems when entering an office, building or keeping the work environment secure.

XPR can be supplied with dual technology, biometrics or keypad. XPR provides high quality technology at an economical price and with small installations. You don't need to look at 2 options: one for controlling access and another for locking it. Everything is connected by state-of-the-art biometrics and electromagnetic technology.

The 'access' range includes a wide selection of code keypads, proximity readers and biometric readers, both stand-alone and networked, as well as door controllers and accessories.

Web Access

Web Access allows you to manage everything over the Internet, wherever you are and with the device you want to use: your cell phone, tablet or computer. XPR makes managing access to the doors of your home, office, business, etc. easier, no matter the distance.

One web server controller, the MyWS4, and our specially designed readers and keypads to connect to it: that's all you need!

Some of the main advantages of the system:

- Easy installation and use
- Max. 2500 users
- 250 access groups
- 50 weekly schedules
- Storage for 50,000 events
- Lock function: apply to 2, 3 or 4 doors
- Anti-passback function
- Anti-passback function on time
- 10 administrators (one of which is dedicated to the
- Installer for remote maintenance of the system
- Import of users
- Export events and users (CSV format)
- Simple data storage: on USB stick, in the internal memory of the WS4 (daily) or via the user interface

Offline Solutions

The XPR OFFline access control solution: simple, fast and cost-effective installation

XPR's OFFline solution is ideal for those small installations, where little cabling is required. XPR's OFFLine is also ideal for locations where ONLine is not possible: in remote locations for example, or simply because a networked system is not needed. Installation is much simpler because it is not necessary to connect different elements to a door controller. Everything can be made in the same place. It is also a complete user-friendly and competitive access control solution. Ideal for small businesses, business centers, gyms, storage buildings, retail chains, apartment buildings, residential areas, etc.

It is an access control solution that does not require controllers or an IP/RS485 network between the different accesses (which can even be in different locations). Each card reader is used as a stand-alone mini-controller, which can be part of a system (up to 80 entrances/doors per location). The access rights of each user are stored in their cards. A free multi-site software (PROA-MS) allows to configure the different access levels, user rights and edit reports.

Sole requirements:
- one (or more) Mifare proximity reader (MTPX-MF-SA, DINMTPX-MF-SA or AL500-MF)
- the multi-site access control software (PROA-MS)
- badges (key fob or card), a USB reader for badge encryption (PROX-USB)
- a push button with integrated control unit and relay (if your installation requires increased security)



Standalone Access

Stand alone acces


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