Network Optix is an Advanced Network Video Management system that is tremendously easy to operate.

This software does things that no other software does: such as streaming an unlimited number of high-definition cameras simultaneously, without any delay.

With, among other things, an image recognition function for tracking images in the various camera feeds, as well as a search function that selects and summarizes periods when motion is detected and that in a certain marked area.

Real-time zoom and focus functions are possible and much more.



- Available as a software license or delivered on proprietary NX hardware.
- Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.
- Failover function over multiple recording servers or PCs
- Very intuitive and powerful graphical interface
- Super fast search functions
- Support to several screens
- I/O controllers
- Support for most current IP cameras
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Video Management Software (EN)

"Network Optix brings Video Surveillance to a new level" 

Network Optix VMS makes advanced IP Video Surveillance easy.
With support for ONVIF IP cameras, an open SDK and API, and a powerful simple user interface.

Nx Witness VMS

Nx Witness VMS

  • Cloud Enabled
  • Smart Video Search
  • One Click Upgrades
  • No Support Fees
  • Unlimited Recording
Nx Meta VMP

Nx Meta VMP

  • Object Metadata Database
  • Smart Object Search
  • Jetson Tx1 / Tx2 Support
  • Custom Events
  • Custom Actions

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